The United States National Teqball Federations was formed in July 2020 and the first president of the association was Ajay Nwosu.

The first notable club under the USNF was the LA Teqers based out of Los Angeles, California. The sport has grown tremendously across the United States with over 60 official registered clubs in the country to date(June 2021). After the formation of the federation, the first official Challenger Cup was held in Houston, Texas and the growth with challenger cups has also been exponential with over 25 official Teqball tournaments held to date since the establishment of The USNF. 

 The United States National Teqball Federation is focused on the growth of the sport from a grassroots and professional level across the US with its main objectives being the education of amateurs and professionals on the rules of the sport. USNF runs referee webinars and certifications on a national level for all Teqball clubs.