What is Teqball


Teqball is a football-based sport played on a specially curved table (the Teq Table) and is one of the newest emerging sports growing rapidly through each continent. Teqball was founded in Budapest, Hungary in 2014 with National Federations across the world including the United States. Teqball has held three world cup tournaments and has its eyes set on becoming an Olympic Sport by 2028. The sport is attracting elite athletes and amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina. Teqball games are played between two opponents(singles) or two teams of two (doubles) and brings a unique opportunity for competitors to compete with whomever they’d like, irrespective of gender. Games are played with a points-based scoring format where points can be scored with any part of your body except your arms or hands. Teqball can be played on various surfaces including sand, turf or indoor courts. The sport is non-contact between players or between the players and the table, helping eliminate the risk of impact injuries. Players are given a maximum of three touches before returning the ball to the opponent and control of the ball, using technique and finesse is far superior than strength in this sport, which levels the playing field between men and women. Teqball made its way to the United States officially in 2019 and is on track to host over 50 challenger cups in 2021.

Teqball in Numbers

  • Estimated 2,000 players worldwide in more than 100 countries
  • 110 established international associations
  • Over 2,000 clubs worldwide
  • Over 500 FITEQ trained and certified referees
  • 3 World Cup Championships held (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Recognition by 3 Continental Olympic Associations (OCA, ANOCA, ONOC) 
  • Full Member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federation) 

Main Rules of Teqball:

  • Teqball can be played with balls used in football, with size five being official and recommended.
  • Teqball can be played by two players (singles game) or by four players (doubles game).
  • A teqball match consists of best-of-three sets.
  • Each set is played until a player/team reaches 12 points.
  • Every player/team has two attempts to complete a successful service.
  • The players/teams change service after each four points.
  • It is forbidden to touch the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • It is forbidden to return the ball with the same body part twice consecutively.
  • Every player/team is allowed to return the ball with a maximum of 3 touches by any body part, except for the hands and arms.
  • In doubles, a team has a maximum of 3 touches, however, the teammates must pass the ball at least once to each other.
  • While playing, neither the table nor the opponent can be touched.
  • In case of an edgeball, the rally shall be repeated.