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What is CSR? (Corporate Social Responsibility) 

The voluntary social role of CSR Companies, during which they pay special attention to both social and environmental issues in their relations with the social target group. The concept of social responsibility is significantly more than compliance with some legal requirements and social expectations. Significantly, it requires more effort in terms of the company's Human Resources and its relationship with the environment and its stakeholders. 

The meaning of CSR is not entirely clear. We do not often encounter a specific CSR strategy. Domestic Buisness leaders still taste the meaning and usability of the concept. Most often, ideas are born to treat CSR activity as part of a company's PR communication. If we think about it, this is already a huge step forward. In any case, the next step could be for the cop; any to stick to its CSR plans, incorporate them into its policy, plan for them and implement them. 

What else can CSR mean?

CSR can also mean the voluntary social missions of companies. It is important to protect my environment and nature, but we must not forget the problems of our narrower social environment.

School gymnasiums, IT classrooms, kindergartens and public playgrounds are waiting for the selfless workers ’hands and spiritual help. A key task is to help the marginalized sections of society get back to work. There is a lot of work and most businesses would be able to take an active part in these.

Because of the sustainability of CSR, it is very important that it is not just an action, a one-time event, but also a consciously planned, regular activity.